How To Start A Beauty Blog – The Beginners Guide

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Beauty blogs are becoming increasingly popular with each passing day. Beauty blogs are often the secret behind a ton of successful bloggers, and rated as one of the most rewarding niches for bloggers. Today, it’s all about how to start a beauty blog and make money.

If you put enough effort and work smart, you can also become a part of the top bloggers and influencers, ultimately securing a boss-free occupation.

Beauty blogs are a great way to build your own beauty empire by writing about skincare, makeup, hairstyle, and everything that speaks beauty to you. However, it can be a little tricky to figure out how to start a beauty blog that you can depend upon. 

In this post, we will help you start a beauty blog with your unique spin on beauty tips and tricks so you can grow big, fast.

Simply follow these steps, and you can be all set and running in a day.

Why Should You Start a Beauty Blog? 

A beauty blog can be a great way to unleash your creativity, show off your talents, and make money while you are at it. If you do it right, your beauty blog can lead to significant career opportunities that can turn your life around or turn a hobby into a full-time online business.

It makes for a great stay at home job where you can earn extra money on your own terms.

Here are the top six reasons why you should start a beauty blog:

  • Put your passion for beauty and writing skills to work.
  • Share your experiences and simple tips to make money blogging.
  • Flexible working hours and a potential career in the beauty industry
  • An opportunity to create your own brand and grow an online following
  • Collaborate with prominent beauty brands
  • Receive products before launch and attend exclusive beauty events

By now, you are so sure that you want to start a beauty blog and make money out of it.

Let me share with you the whole process.

How to Start a Beauty Blog 101

If you have some knowledge about beauty and a passion for sharing your beauty experiences, you are ready to change your blogging dream into reality. 

But, as we all need a little help to start something new, here’s your guide on how to start a beauty blog in a day.

Step #1 Plan Your Blog

Before you practically start to create a blog, make a plan in your head. There is a range of categories under beauty blogs such as hair, makeup, and skincare. You need to focus on one or two particular sub-genres to set your targets. 

Start with thinking about what you want your beauty blog to be about. Beauty itself is a very broad niche so there are many ideas to experiment with.

Here are a few options to narrow down your beauty blog niche.

  • Good writing skills and love for new beauty products equals a beauty blog with personal reviews and recommendations.
  • If you are good with makeup, show off your new makeup looks, and recommend new products. 
  • Are you shopping on a budget? Share your tips for beauty on a budget with beauty geeks just like yourself.
  • Got a separate drawer to hold all those nail paints? Perhaps nail care and nail art blogging is your thing.
  • If you have a knack for hairstyles, show off your hair care and styling techniques with people who are all about healthy long hair or lustrous curls.
  • Love all things related to beauty? Experiment your way through your blogs and find out what you and your followers love to talk about.

Step #2 Name Your Beauty Blog

Now, it’s time to name your blog that will make it stand out among others and help you gain followers. 

A good blog requires high-quality content to attract attention, but in the end, it is the name that sticks with people. The title should give people an insight into your personality and the nature of the content you will share on your blog.

A good example is The Anna Edit is a popular lifestyle, beauty, and travel blog which belongs to the award-winning online content creator,  Anna Newton. Her blog is ranked as the 5th biggest in the world in the lifestyle category on Bloglovin. It is also featured in famous magazines, including Grazia.

You can notice how a simple name can be attention-grabbing and define your blog. 

So, choosing a name should be fun and not stressful. Take your time and play with word combinations to make your blog name enjoyable. You can even look for synonyms on the web to help you get more creative.

Step #3 Pick a Blogging Platform

If you are new to web design, choosing the right platform for your blog can be a bit challenging. We believe that starting a self-hosted WordPress blog might be the best option for beginners and even pros. 

A self-hosted WordPress blog lets you create an inspiring blog-slash-website, and when you purchase hosting, you can get your domain for free.

Even if you are completely unfamiliar with setting up a website, I have to tell you it’s very simple. I’m actually sharing all the steps to create a beauty blog from scratch.

First, you need to get website hosting for your blog.

The hosting I recommend is Bluehost.

Here are few reasons I like recommending bluehost to my audience.

  • They have the best and affordable website hosting solutions to new bloggers. You can build a website with them and only pay $3 a month.
  • Their customer support is really great. You can ask questions.
  • Most bloggers are satisfied with Bluehost and use it.
  • You also get a free domain for a year which eventually saves your $15. I even got my domain for the first year with them to save some money. And, it was smart.

1. Click this link and press get started button

2. Choose a hosting plan

As you are starting out with a new beauty blog, you can choose the basic plan that costs $3.95/m.

3. Add your domain name

Here, you need to put your domain name. Or, you can skip that if you already got the domain name.

4. Complete your account details

Fill in all the account details.

Initially, you can get the 12 months or 24 months plan that is more budget friendly. You can always extend your plan later.

You can check off this codeguard basic thing as you don’t necessarily need this right now.

The free SSL is included so you can easily install that right after setting up your website.

5. Make the payment and fill account

This is going to be the final step.

All set!

In next steps, you need to just set up your password and wordpress login details. That’s it!

You just set up a beauty blog. Congrats!

After this, you can choose a theme from Bluehost dashboard or just continue following the next step.

Step #4 Pick a Theme

If you are starting with a WordPress blog, you can choose from the best blog themes available. These themes are attractive and unique, so your beauty blog can shine, among others. 

Some minimalistic designed themes include Cassidy, Cenote, and Celine, with feminine hues perfect for beauty and fashion blogs.

Some gorgeous themes perfect for beauty and fashion blogs;

Isabelle Theme

Niche Pro Theme

Refined Theme

Cassidy theme

You can further check out a list of 15+ feminine themes for female bloggers. This list gives you all theme suggestions.

Next step: Once, you get your website theme. Just install it through bluehost dashboard and that’s it. The new theme is installed.

Step #5 Create a Logo

Now, it’s time to put your selected blog name to use. 

Your brand name will let your reader recognize you and your blog. You can start by creating a logo with your brand name, which will be placed at the top of your blog theme. 

Simply, use a tool like Canva to design a logo.

Step #6 Set up Pages

Once you have installed your theme, you now have to set up your menu and pages. Your blog should have:

  • About page: Your followers can know about you and your blog.
  • Shop page: To add a product widget to earn when your followers shop items.
  • Contact Page: Other brands and businesses can contact you regarding collabs and PR packages.
  • Privacy Policy Page: It’s so important to create a privacy policy page right from the beginning. You can follow the steps here to create a privacy policy for your website.
How to start a beauty blog to make money. This is the beginners guide to create your own WordPress blog and start a beauty blog for money.Build a beauty blogging site. #startablogHow to start a beauty blog to make money. This is the beginners guide to create your own WordPress blog and start a beauty blog for money.Build a beauty blogging site. #startablog
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Step #7 Start writing blog posts

Once you have installed your theme and set up your page, it’s time to start posting content.

You want to focus on the content quality, but that does not mean you should post less. More posts will ensure that your blog appears in search engines and more people are interested in it. 

You can cover one topic or various beauty-related topics in your posts to bring in new followers and reviewers. Your posts can review beauty products, show swatches, and help the readers decide what’s worth their money. 

If you are into beauty blogs, you must have come across A Model Recommends, a beauty blog run by fashion model Ruth Crilly. She posts regularly about beauty and fashion, and if you look closely, you might just get a lot of attractive ideas from her blog.

Beauty Blog Post Ideas

If you are still thinking about what your first post should be, here are a few ideas for you:

  • Everyday Skincare Routine
  • Everyday Makeup Routine
  • My Makeup Collection
  • Beginner Makeup Brushes 
  • Top 10 Lipstick Swatches 
  • Affordable Beauty Brands
  • Travel Beauty Essentials
  • Nail Polish Picks
  • Beauty Haul
  • Packing For Vacations
  • What’s Inside My Makeup Bag
  • Beauty Wishlist
  • Top 10 Beauty Must-Haves
  • A Day In The Life of a Beauty Blogger

How to Make Money with a Beauty Blog

Now that you know how to start a beauty blog, you might be wondering how you can start making with your blog. Well, there is not one but many ways to earn through blogging

You can start by joining some affiliate programs for beauty bloggers such as Amazon Associates and Rewardstyle. Using affiliate links in your blog can earn you money every time someone makes a purchase using your link. 

You can add affiliate links to your blog posts when you mention the products, create a separate widget for your posts and sidebar, or use the “Swipe Up” feature on Instagram stories to direct your followers. 

Affiliate Marketing is a profitable method to monetise your beauty blog. Most beauty bloggers use affiliate products to promote their blogs. I have listed out some affiliate marketing programs for you to join.

If you want to take a step further, you can even create a youtube channel for a beauty blog where you turn your blog posts into videos such as makeup tutorial, monthly favorites, and so on. 

Fashion bloggers with huge following can also earn as an influencer, with top brands paying bloggers to promote or review their products.  

Beauty Blog Examples

If you want to take a look at few beauty blogs, here are few examples;

Recap On How to start a beauty blog

Now that you know how to start a beauty blog, there’s no excuse not to do it. Beauty blogging is an exciting and profitable way to share your beauty experiences and secret with like-minded people. 

  • Choose the topics
  • Pick a blog name
  • Get website hosting
  • Set up your account
  • Install a beauty theme
  • Write your first beauty blog post
  • Build your blog

If you work hard and smart, people will appreciate your blog and what you have to say. They will even buy through your blog because they trust you, which will help you grow financially and as an influencer.

FAQs on how to start a beauty blog

Many new bloggers are really excited to start a beauty blog but they never take the step. I’m sure these are helpful for you.

How do I become a beauty blogger?

Have passion about beauty tips and blogging. Simply, create a beauty blog and build your blog. Write blog posts about beauty tips, skin care, hair products, review beauty products, do makeup tutorials. That’s how you become a beauty blogger and become a beauty influencer on Instagram.

How do I write my first beauty blog post?

Choose the beauty topics you have experience with. Take inspiration from other beauty blogs, and just write your first blog post. Practice good writing skills, use images, and helpful links to make a compelling blog post.

Is it still profitable to start a beauty blog?

Yes, why not! Beauty is a very broad niche. There are so many sub-topics that you can choose from and just create a small blog around it. Use different income streams to monetise your beauty blog and make money from it.

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