17 Movie Scenes That Are So Distrubing, They May Be The Most Messed-Up Ever

17 Movie Scenes That Are So Traumatizing, Most People Can’t Watch Them

I wish I never saw THAT scene from Midsommar, tbh.

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the most traumatizing movie scenes they’ve ever seen. Here are the wild and horrifying results.

🚨 Warning: Spoilers ahead! Also, some of these movie scenes are truly gory and disturbing, and a few moments include topics of suicide. 🚨


In Midsommar, when the town elders sacrificed themselves by jumping off the cliff, but the old man didn’t die, so they smashed his head in with a giant hammer.


“Everything in this movie haunts me, but especially that scene when the town elder jumped off the cliff and had his head beaten in with a mallet.”



In Hereditary, when Charlie was unexpectedly decapitated in the middle of the movie, and hundreds of bugs were eating her decomposed face.

Charlie sticking her head out the window, then the car coming in contact with a telephone pole, then a pic of her decapitated head that's covered in ants on the ground


“This scene made me have to pause the movie and drink some water to calm myself down. I’m not sure which scared me more: the actual moment it happened or how much I could feel the grief of the family. And I NEVER get scared like that during horror movies!”



In Final Destination 3, when Ashlyn got locked in the tanning bed, her skin started to boil, and then she and Ashley got electrocuted and died.

Ashlyn being burned alive while stuck in the tanning bed

New Line Cinema

“It kept me out of a tanning bed for the longest time.”



In Black Swan, when Nina pulled the feather out of her shoulder, and then her knees randomly broke and bent the wrong way.

Nina looking in the mirror and pulling out a black feather from her shoulder, as well as her knee bending the wrong way

Fox Searchlight Pictures

“This scene has been engraved in my mind for years. The other traumatizing moment was when Nina stood in front of the sink and accidentally peeled her fingernail skin several inches down her finger. NOPE!”



In Evil Dead, when Olivia cut into her face with a shard of glass, then she stabbed Eric just below the eye with a hypodermic needle, and he slowly pulled it out.

A possessed Olivia cuts through her mouth with a knife in the bathroom, then stabs Eric in the eye several times with a needle

Sony Pictures Releasing

“It’s so gruesome. I remember when I first saw this movie and the character had her back to the camera…when she turned around, my jaw dropped.”



In Hostel, when Josh’s Achilles tendons were sliced by the Dutch businessman, so when he tried to run away, the backs of his heels split open.

Josh screaming while sitting in a chair, then trying to run away but falling to the ground because the back of his foot split open


“The close-up view of his foot when he tried to take just one step…it’s been over a decade since I watched that scene, and the visual still makes me cringe.”



In Misery, when Annie smashed in Paul’s feet with a sledgehammer so he couldn’t run away from her.

Columbia Pictures

“I can’t watch it to this day without turning away and covering my eyes.”



In Buried, when Ryan Reynolds’ character was trapped in an underground coffin and it started to cave in and fill up with dirt and then he slowly suffocated to death.

Ryan Reynolds' character on the phone, trying to call for help while the coffin fills with dirt


“No one ever talks about this movie, but the whole premise is a nightmare for people who have claustrophobia. The ending is absolutely horrific in so many ways, and it left me in awe for days after I saw it!”



In Get Out, when Chris tried to escape, but Missy stabbed a letter opener right through his hand.

Missy stabbing a letter opener through the middle of Chris' left hand

Universal Pictures

“The entire scene when Chris tries to escape is bloody and gory, but getting a letter opener through the hand makes me cringe the most.”



In Poltergeist, when Marty hallucinated that he was peeling off chunks of his face, right down to the bone.

Marty looking in the mirror in the bathroom and peeling off chunks of his face, right down to the skeleton


“This scene horrified me as a child. I still can’t watch it, and I am damn-near 40. My evil sisters will occasionally send me the clip and laugh.”



In Jaws, when Hooper tried to examine the shipwreck but was confronted with Ben Gardner’s floating, decomposed head in the water.

Hooper underwater and examining the ship's hull, but Ben's floating head pops out

Universal Pictures

“Pretty much every scene from this movie is traumatizing, but wow, this one really got me.”



In Oldboy, when Dae-su had to eat a whole, live octopus in just a couple bites, and it kept squirming all around his face.

Dae-su eating a whole, live octopus in the restaurant

Show East

“This movie f*cked me up when I was younger. I never get sick or grossed out while watching scary movies, but thinking of this scene still brings back feelings of nausea.”



In Saw III, when Timothy was stuck in the machine that slowly twisted and crushed his limbs and head, and you could actually hear the cracking of his bones.

Timothy's arm and head getting twisted, crushed, and bloody while he's trapped in a metal deathtrap


“This is one of the most intense scenes I’ve ever watched. It’s pure, slow agony.”



In I Am Legend, when Will Smith’s character had to strangle his dog to death because it got infected, and you could hear the dog whimpering and gasping for air.

Will Smith sitting with his dog and singing to it before finally strangling it to death

Warner Bros. Pictures

“I’m probably taking this submission in a different direction than others, but this is the scene that traumatized me the most. The heartbreak on his face when he had to kill his only friend in the world because she became infected AFTER saving his life…absolutely heartbreaking and disturbing.”



In The Sixth Sense, when Cole thought he saw his mom in the kitchen, but it turned out to be a ghost who killed herself, and she started screaming at him.

The ghost of a mom in the kitchen, wearing a pink rob, yelling at Cole and showing him her scares

Buena Vista Pictures Distribution

“That woman in the kitchen who screamed, ‘Look at what he made me do!!!!,’ gave me so many nightmares.”



In Mother!, when Jennifer Lawrence’s character gave birth, but the crowd took her baby, started ripping it apart by its limbs, and then ate it.

People ripping apart the baby and then eating it in the house

Paramount Pictures

“The crowd tearing the baby to pieces is so horrible to watch. Seriously, it was just absolutely awful. I, for sure, can never watch that movie again, and it’s all because of that moment.”



And in 127 Hours, when James Franco’s character had to amputate his own arm with only a pocket knife, just like the real-life Aron Ralston had to do.

Hiker Aron cutting off his own arm, with blood splattering everywhere, as he's trapped between a rock and the side of a cliff

Fox Searchlight Pictures

“There’s a reason why people kept fainting and throwing up during this movie. This particular scene was so intense and real and disturbing.”

β€”Dale Palisoc, Facebook

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