"Love Island"'s Justine Ndiba And Caleb Corprew Shared What They've Been Up To Since Winning The Show

“Love Island”‘s Justine Ndiba And Caleb Corprew Shared What They’ve Been Up To Since Winning The Show

Justine and Caleb don’t want to spend another day apart!

Love Island’s season 2 winners Justine Ndiba and Caleb Corprew can’t keep their hands off each other. After winning the reality TV series and walking away with $100,000, the pair are living their best lives and they wouldn’t want it any other way.

A few weeks after the show ended, Caleb traveled all the way from Oklahoma to New Jersey to visit his girlfriend, and while there, they took a ton of cute pictures together.

Justine and Caleb hit up a local pumpkin patch with coordinated fall looks.

In every photo they took, Justine was smiling ear to ear when Caleb wrapped his arms around her. She also noted just how much she missed him in the caption.

Instagram/ @justinejoy312

The photos were so adorable that Justine and Caleb’s Love Island costars couldn’t help but comment on the pics.

Instagram/ @justinejoy312

Instagram/ @justinejoy312

After finding love on the show, Caleb and Justine have been doing everything in their power to make their long-distance relationship work. While looking back at how far they’ve come, Justine told POPSUGAR that she never thought she was going to win the show or even find true love.

“It feels surreal, it’s still sinking in,” she said. “It’s definitely amazing, but it’s such a crazy thing because I had no idea I’d even make it past that first week!”

Caleb felt the same way too. “It feels like we’re in a dream, and we haven’t quite woken up yet,” he said. “It’s been really flattering to see all the support we have behind us.”

What an amazing love story!

Source: "Love Island"’s Justine Ndiba And Caleb Corprew Shared What They’ve Been Up To Since Winning The Show

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